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Monthly Archives: January 2005

Currently I am attending college working on coursework to fulfill a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. It’s a long road but hopefully with a massive amount of dedication and support along the way, I will make it out on top and get to walk through a college graduation with my name apart of the list.

I may be enrolled in higher education, but this is something that books can never teach:

I’ve realized that in life it doesn’t matter where you end up that only if you take chances, love everybody, and seize the day opportunity will follow. The only critic that you should ever fear is yourself. But don’t fear yourself at all fear the critic within you that says you’re not good enough. And let that be your only fear. Be passionate about everything that you’re willing to fight for and live life with no regrets because at one time that’s exactly what you wanted.

Courage is not the absence of fear,
but rather the judgment that something else
is more important than fear.
The brave may not live forever, but the
cautious do not live at all.
From now on you’ll be traveling
the road between who you think you
are and who you can be.
The key is to allow
yourself to make the journey.

Growing up I’ve always been asked how do I define myself. If I had to write a paragraph about myself, what would it say about me. Staring at this blank piece of paper, I’ve realized that it’s hard to put my life as words onto paper; what it consists of, what formed it, and who has impacted it. One thing I’ve learned through my life is that life is fragile and too many people take it for granted. Make as many memories, take more pictures, and love everything; you never know who’s life you could save just by befriending them.


may define me as a bitch, a loner, lazy, and spiteful. Critical, worthless, under-achiever, and a slacker. I hope they see what I allow myself to see. I’m a child of God, I am not judgmental. I love their painting for its overall masterpiece, not for their individual “colors.” I’m open, honest, and waiting for acceptance. I love people, life, and everything that allows theirself to be loved. I’ve had my fair share of let-downs, and learned disappointment a a young age, but I still wake up each morning with a clean slate and allow each other theirs. I stand up for what I believe in, fall for nothing, and pray for everything. I’m a “hopeful” when it comes to everything, and always believe that someone has it worse off than me. I hope they see my compassion for the world and the healer within. I hope they see the true reason I tell myself that I don’t impact people’s lives in order to impact more. I don’t make much sense, but one thing is true; Love heals all. I won’t always live up to everyone’s expectations, and I am bound to let more than a fair share of people down, but I am a good person, despite what is viewed on the outside.


define my life as independent, outgoing, courageous, and compassionate. A lover, fighter, loser, and a winner. Make the best of both worlds, try not to take anything for granted, and mostly optimistic with a twist of pessimism. I have roots and “wings,” a big heart, and strong shoulders. I can be philosophical along with obsessive compulsive. I’m a twenty year old, small-town, southern girl trying to make sense of life. I have low self-esteem and most of the time don’t like what I see in the mirror. I often care too much and get hurt in the process. I’m not perfect, I shut people out in order to protect myself. I don’t view the world in black and white, I’m scatter-brained, and I love wide open spaces. I’m not a brainiac nor come close, I’m not “eye candy,” and don’t wish to be. I have my morals, ethics, and beliefs and will fight ’til death for them. I’m a mama’s girl, and she is my best friend. I’m spoiled by love and only love. I’m powerful through inspiration and hope to impact others. Overall, I am me. I’m a music, family, internet, and trauma junkie and I’m spontaneous most of all. I’m a believer, achiever, and love to make people laugh. I’m a dork, a prodigy, and a miracle. I’m an artist, a friend, a daughter, a sister, and a poet. I’m a coat of many colors; I’m a work of art. I’m a painting and mural, but most of all, a masterpiece.

My name’s Rebekah, that’s what I am.