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Today has been just one of those days where you want to stop and rewind, but you can’t, because it’s just spinning so fast. Yeah, I woke up this morning, and Ma had breakfast made, so I was happy about that. Definately no complaints there. Then after that I spent some time with Nick. Needless to say, that the boy Loves me to DEATH! But anyways, I figured I’d take him out there and let him help me wash my car. Boy that was fun. It took us 4 hours to clean, but it was worth it, it was a well needed bath. After that, I checked all my fluids and stuff in my car, because school starts tomorrow, and I’m gonna be traveling a lot, and mother gets paranoid. Ya Gotta Love Her though… After I finally got done with that it was already 6:00 so I figured I’ll hop in the shower. Ah, it was so relaxing, I could use another one. Here I am now, updating when I shouldn’t be, but I don’t want to fall under Paige’s wrath once more. After I get done here I’ll finish getting ready, and all that good stuff, then eat dinner. It smells so good right now, my guts been growlin’ forever now. Mom’s makin spaghetti, YUMMY! Then I gotta get Nick cleaned up, and take him home to his Daddy, and then shoot from his house over to my Aunt’s to pick up some money for something, then shoot from that Aunt’s house to my other Aunt’s house to drop the keys off and collect some money. Then just maybe, I might get to come home, and enjoy a few hours before I have to get to bed, because SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW, bright and early. YUCK–Pray for me that I don’t fall asleep tomorrow in my first day of classes. Boy that would really set a bad first impression on my teachers! šŸ™‚ Ya gotta love me!


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