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Yeah, well today was the first day of school, and it also happens to be my Last,
FIRST day of High School.


The alarm clock went off at 6 am
this morning, and I layed there till 6:30. It’s very unusual for me to wake up
before seven on a school day, but I figured I would try something new this year.
Well, I got into the shower at 6:32 and I was out by 6:40 something, and I was
like “I can get used to this.” Well, by the time I got dressed, and brushed my
hair and teeth, it was 7:23. Well I live 15 minutes away from school, so I
didn’t need to leave quite yet, but I was like I think I’ll leave so I won’t
miss any time of my “Last, FIRST day of High School.” Well on the way to school,
I stopped and dropped my letter at the Post Office, Gosh how bethany and I hate
the USPS, and I stopped by Crook’s (local gas station) to get me a powerade, and
some gum. I left there, and got to school at 7:40. I was proud of my self, and
so was my MaMa that works in the attendance office. Yeah, so all of us that hang
out in our group met in the attendance office, and hung out until the bell rang
for first block. Needless to say, the day was amazing, and yet bittersweet all
at the same time. If only all my High School years could’ve been like this, I
might have actually went to school more often, but there’s only one “Senior
year” so it’s already started off on the right foot.

My Schedule

1st Block- Spanish
2nd Block- Visual Arts
3rd Block- Health
Occupations (CEC)
4th Block- Economics (CEC)

I want to get my schedule
changed, but I don’t want to be at CEC all day, and miss out hangin’ with my
friends at EC, becuase I’d miss out on my Senior Year.

I really want to
get put into First Responder, but I don’t want to be at CEC all day,

–Anyways, I started writing something tonight for GOD knows what
reason, because I didn’t have to, so I think I’m getting sick, but here’s just
the rough draft of it, in which I’m not finished with yet.

I Love the
smell of a house in the summertime with fried chicken on the stove, kids runnin’
everywhere, with a good game of cards goin’ on the back porch.

I Love the
smell of a summertime BBQ going while you hear laughter in the background coming
from the pool. Lynyrd Skynyrd playing behind us, while the family is playing

I Love just being around my family, and seeing how much GOD
has blessed my life. The Feeling inside you that you get when you’re in their
presence at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Knowing that you won’t leave without
laughing at least once while you’re there.

The emptiness we all feel when
a loved one is lost, is like a missing puzzle piece that makes up a masterpiece
of art.

Each fabric of a quilt is a resemblence of each member of a
family. Without the worn threads there would be no history, and without a
history, there would be no family.

The first parts weak, but I’m
gonna rearrange it some how, but I think the last two phrases sound really good.
Well, tell me what yall think, and don’t hold nothin’ back, either.

it’s 12:14 a.m. and I gotta be up in 5 hours and 45 minutes so I think I should
get to bed.


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