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These past two weeks have been HECTIC!

I don’t even know where to begin, but I figured I better update this thing,
before Paige goes on a rampage..

These past two weeks of school have been amazing. I’ve always been one to
hate school, and dreaded school. I always laid out of school pretty much as much
as I could. But this year, something has totally changed. I wouldn’t even know
where to even begin trying to describe it. Every morning I am up by 6:30 and I’m
to school no later than 7:45. School doesn’t start ’till 8:30. We all start
rollin’ in the parkin’ lot at the same time, and we get our stuff out of our
cars, and walk in to the attendance office where MAMA ‘VERNE is. Let me tell you
a little story about her later on. Let’s see there is David F., David C., Corey,
Kirby, Ashley, Bonnie, Caitlyn, Jarred, David B., Andrew, Mama ‘Verne, and Me.
There would be Jennifer, and Ashley T., but they’re at the CEC in the mornings.
😦 But anyways, I think Mama ‘Verne’s gotten so many things about us laughin’ so
much in the attendance office in the mornings, but they can’t do anything
because it’s before school. But anyways…

New Schedule, since the first one got changed…

For the first semester:

1st block: Spanish I

2nd block: Visual Arts I

3rd block: Networking +

4th block: Economics

**Mom informed me tonight about the difference between the Technical Seal and
the Dual Seal for the Hope Scholarship requirements, and instead of having a 3.0
GPA like I thought it was for Technical Seal, I have to have a 3.2 GPA. So in
order for me to have a 3.0 GPA and get the HOPE too, I have to double up on my
maths the first semester and have this schedule…

Spanish I

Alg. II (took and failed once already)



and the second semester it’d be:

Spanish II

Alg. III

Adv. Nutrition and Wellness or Visual Arts I (haven’t decided)

12th Grade Lit./Comp.

Tell me if that doesn’t suck, or what…

But Paige was like, if that’s what you want, and you want it that bad, then I
would go for it. So GRRR, I need a ‘lil help from up above on this one. Because
I don’t want to take a chance and not graduate with my class because I screwed
up and wasn’t able to pass the maths.

Other than school, nothing too much has happened in life, other than I
lost another best friend that I grew up with.

She was like a sister to me. I knew her before I even knew what a “true”
friend was all about. But she…she was definately one of them. I miss her to
death, and her smile. She was just so full of life, and I don’t think I’ve ever
seen her down. Her personality was to die for, and just the feeling in the air
when she was in our presence. I just think it sucks that baby Jayleia has to
grow up and only know her two parents through stories and pictures from us. Baby
Jayleia is definately a spittin’ image of Jessica. But Jessica, I hope that you
know she’s in good hands. Your mom is a strong woman, and she’s never going to
let anything happen to her, unless it’s out of her hands. Jayleia will keep the
memories of you and Jason alive. I can already tell that she’s going to have a
big heart, just like you and him. But one day, I’ll climb to that mountain top
and see yall again someday, and I’ll know that you’ll be up there watching over
Jayleia, and seeing her grow as she makes both of yall proud. I miss you so
much, you have no idea. It was hard leaving you at the Funeral home that night.
I can’t imagine how your mama and daddy felt. But to me yall are not gone, yall
will always live on through our memories, and your beautiful daughter. By the
way, since you’re already up there, can you tell my grandmother Hey, and that I
love her and miss her. I love you, and miss you

Here’s a brief history of the “family.”:

It all started in U.S. History. Me
and Sweeney, a.k.a Jennifer, reunited because we hadn’t had a class since 9th
grade. Well, everything just got better and better from there. Her and I became
closer than ever, then I introduced her to David Freeman, a.k.a David F., and
they hit it off, and have been dating ever since. Then I’ve been friends with
Kirby Collier, a.k.a. Kirby, since the 6th grade, and that’s when he came into
the “family.” He was interested in my little “sister,” a.k.a. Caitlyn. Well
Caitlyn didn’t want to date Kirby, for one because he’ll be 18 soon, and she
just turned 15. Which brings us to Ashley. Kirby met Ashley when we took him to
our church one Sunday, and they hit it off, and have been dating ever since.
They’re perfect for each other. Two hyper kids…nothing could be better than
that. Then there’s David Couch, a.k.a. David C.. That would be Andrew’s, a.k.a.
Andrew Couch, little brother. Well Andrew’s in Military school right now, and
that would be Caitlyn’s ex-boyfriend. But we all still are cool, and hang out.
Well at once I used to like David C., but that didn’t last long, but David and I
are like the comic relief of the “family.” Bonnie started off as just Caitlyn’s
friend, and now she’s a part of the family, as well. We all met her at the
Christmas party that Mama ‘Verne threw on the day that we got out for Christmas
Break. We all call her Bonnie and Clyde. Speaking of Caitly, she now has
introduced us to Jarred. Well we all thought that Jarred was younger than what
he is, but come to find out through Mama ‘Verne checking out his school records,
he’s older than all of us. Considering that I’m the oldest one outta the
“family.” Well, this all happened this past week with Jarred, and we’re all
wanting to shoot him for even thinking about asking her out. But Mama ‘Verne
made Caitlyn put an end to it Friday. (THANK GOD!!!) But being the rebellious
person she is when it comes to boys, she said that she wasn’t. We’ll
see…Brings us to David B., a.k.a. David Black. We don’t claim him as family,
just like we don’t claim Jarred as a member either. David B. is Ashley T.’s
ex-boyfriend. They dated for a year, and she finally broke up with him the other
day. (Thank God) But for some stupid reason is on a date with him tonight, as we
speak. Ashley T. came into the picture through David F., because they grew up
with one another, and David B. and David F. WE’RE best friends. Which then
speakin’ of all of us brings us finally back to Mama ‘Verne.

Here’s the history on “Mama ‘Verne”:

Mama got her name “Mama
‘Verne during Caitlyn’s 15th birthday party when she brought out her wedding
pictures to show me, and I started looking at them. I was observing, being the
observative person that I am, and I was like “Mama you look like Laverne from
Laverne and Shirley.” She’s got defensive, and said ‘I DO NOT!” and I’m like
“Yeah, ya do.” So of course we had to ask everyone else there, and what do ya
know, they agreed with me, so that’s the history behind “Mama ‘Verne.” But the
other funny thing about it is, that when I first started calling her that,
Caitlyn goes “Wasn’t Laverne a lesbian?” So like submissively, she was calling
Mama a lesbian. It was great. 🙂

Mama ‘Verne is not only the Attendance Secretary at the High School, but she
is also our “Mom.” If you could only see every morning when the first bell rings
at 8:20 to go to class. As we file out of the door, each of us goes, “Bye Mama!:
You should see the looks on the parents face’s when they’re at the window of the
Attendance office. As we call it, we just say that Mama ‘Verne’s been BUSY! And
there’s an inside joke between Bonnie and I, that involve’s Kelly Clarkson
singing, “A Moment Like This.”


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