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Today marks the 4th year anniversary of September 11th. I never really thought that Firefighters were heroes. Maybe because, they’re just everyday people. What the firefighters did on that day, was beyond measurable. They never thought as they were running into that building that they could die. They never even turned back. They were given a job to do, and they did it. It was definitely a selfless act of heroism. I guess I finally figured out the reason I honor the firefighters now. It’s because of all the training I’ve done at the fire department. I know what it’s like to run into a burning building. We’ve done that before. I know that I was scared crapless that I wasn’t going to make it out alive. Thankfully I did, and that’s when I look at them and see them running into the tallest building that stood, and they never even thought about running back out. It bumfuzzles me how people overlook everyday heroes and never even once think about what they do.

They just recently released the radio transmissions from the firefighters and EMT’s from the events on September 11th. I have to admit, some of the stuff is pretty detailed, but it’s so worth listening to them. When you listen you can tell that they had nothing on their mind’s, except to go in, get the victims, and get out. We have a saying on our wall at Station 81 that says “Everyone Comes Home Alive.” I wish that in the case of 9/11 that this were true. I believe that Osama was a coward for what he done, and that it took innocent people like the firefighters, and the workers in the WTC to die, just because of him. We’ve talked in Economics class about his motive behind the WTC incident, and supposively the reason was that he didn’t believe in America’s Economic System. I was floored when I found out that he killed that many people just because he didn’t like how America did business economically. Just because I don’t like him doesn’t mean I am going to kill a 1,000 people from Afghanistan. That wouldn’t me morally or ethically right, now would it?

So hopefully today, I wish that yall would at least send out a word of prayer for the FDNY, and the families of the lost ones of 9/11. Because everyone knows what it’s like to lose a loved one, and these people are still mourning over their lost one, because each time 9/11 rolls around every year, they can’t just go around and not avoid it, beacuse it’s talked about all over national television. So just do something, to show that you recognize their kind acts, and honor what they did.

On the other hand, I will finish updating the journal about my life, and what’s been going on. I have to get into bed, because I to be up in 6 hours.

So check back…


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