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10 years ago: I was 7, almost 8. I was young, innocent, and didn’t have any worries in the world.

5 years ago: I just started middle school, or just got done with my 6th grade year. I was active, skinny, and INVOLVED. My parents were going through a divorce. I set school and country records in Volleyball, and track. I hated school, just like every other year.

1 year ago: Junior Year, sucked until me and Jenn reunited as friends. I had my 4-wheeler wreck, redevoted myself, and didn’t do much, other school and work, and hang with friends.

Yesterday: Wednesday, had one of the crappiest days yet. Explain later on in my next post.

Tomorrow: Friday, Coweta County Schools only have a half of day. My 2nd block teacher told the Seniors not to show up, so I get out even earlier. I get to leave at 10:00, wait for Jenn, and all my other buddies to get out, and then we’re going to eat breakfast somewhere.

5 snacks I enjoy: Mama’s cooking, Mama’s cooking, Beef Jerky, Kirby’s Sandwiches, and everything else left.

5 bands/artists that I know the lyrics to most of their songs: Diana Degarmo, Sugarland, Reba McEntire, Wynonna Judd, any other Country Artist as well.

5 things I would do with a $100,000,000: Oh yay!

1) Buy myself a house, and design it how I would like it.<br>
3) Pay for my entire college career.
4) Charities
5) Help some family memebers that need it.

5 locations I would like to run away to: I can’t say Georgia like the rest of yall, because I’m here 24/7, and wish that I could leave right NOW!, Spain, Italy, The Bahamas, Montana, and any place that has wide open country, and HORSES!

5 bad habits I have: emotions into everything, being TOO blunt, not believing in myself when I should, not caring anymore because I’m giving up hope, and BEING ME?

5 things I like doing: Go to the movies, sit on my butt, hang out with my friends, sleep, and softball!

5 things I will always wear: My necklace, my class ring, my watch, my belt buckle, and my cowboy hat and boots

5 t.v. shows I like: Law and Order: SVU, Friends, Laverne and Shirley, Three’s Company, Roseanne…all the oldies..

5 movies I like: Selena, Ladder 49, Coach Carter, anything else that keeps me in suspence, and MAKES ME LAUGH!

5 famous people I would Like to meet: Diana Degarmo, Mother Teresa, Terri Schiavo and Laci Peterson, Keith Urban, and Sugarland (the group).

5 biggest joys at the moment: eh, none other than MY FRIENDS, GOD, and BEING MYSELF!!!

5 favorite toys: My Computer, My car, My Digital Camera, MY bed (man i miss that thing when i go places overnight!!! its so COMFY), and My radio…take that away from me, and im useless!


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