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The best 18th birthday present a girl could ask for…


My 18th birthday
was fabulous until a certain someone, and I think we all know who she is, called
my cell phone. Friday after school everyone wanted me to come to our first
playoff football game. They said “It’s your birthday and we want you there.”
Well Jennifer calls me and is like “Do you want to come over to watch a movie?”
“I don’t know maybe, I already have plans to attend the football game.” “YOU
NEVER DO ANYTHING WITH ME ANYMORE, and blah blah blah blah blah…” “Jennifer, I
told you I might stop by, I may even leave the game early.” “Well whatever, I’ll
talk to you later.” Not to mention that I was having probably the best day that
day in a LOOONG Time, and well she ruined it for me. The only time I even have a
good day is if I don’t see or hear from her, and that’s horrible to say, but
it’s SO true.

So I ended up leaving the game early but all of us that
went to the game went and hung out in the grass pit parkin lot that we always
park in, cuttin donuts with our trucks and cars, and well having a FABULOUS
TIME…So that basically summed up my friday night.

Saturday, the day of
my birthday party!!!

Lets see, Sonja called and woke me up at 10, little
did I know that I was going to receive about a million more phone calls after
that. Oh well, it felt nice to be a little bit loved, because usually I’m not.
But anyways, I was supposed to be over at Edna’s alot earlier than when I got
there, but everyone kept calling and that delayed me from getting in the shower,
and leaving. Mom called me like 8 times while I was on the phone with Bethany,
but oh well I love her. She called and told me before I came to Edna’s that I
had to run by walmart and pick up the rest of the balloons for my party. So I
got off the phone, got into the shower, got ready, ran to walmart, and headed to
Edna’s. I got there and all the family was already there, I find it nice to get
to arrive late to my own party. So I got there, then the twins Ricky and Roy got
there, then Sonya and Jesse, and then the other guys, David Couch, David
Freeman, and Corey Maltby along with Corri Shavers. So we all started playing
backyard football, and what a hoot that was. You’re talking about all of us in
cowboy boots, and camoflauge…It was lovely. After that the food was done, and
we all lined up to make our plate, the food was delicious. Then we all hung out
on the back of the tailgates and ate, and stuff…After that it was time to open
my cards and presents. I came out alot richer than when I went in, let me tell
ya :). After that all the guys left to go hunting once more before the night was
through. Then Sonja, Ricky, Roy, Jesse, and Corri all stayed at Edna’s and shot
pool and just hung out. Then Sonja and Jesse were like you want to come to my
house, and I’m like I gotta run Corri to her daddy’s shop then get gas, and run
home. And she’s like that’s fine. So I ran Corri to her daddy’s shop, and then
to get gas. Jennifer calls, and all the happiness I had was like thrown out the
window in two seconds. She really knows how to wreck someone’s day. I think she
does it to make us feel how she’s feeling. But anyways, she’s like “Want to come
over tonight?” I’m like I have other plans, but I might stop by on the way home.
“She like well whatever bye” I’m like ok bye…Anyways, so I at least have a
better night, because my friends that I actually think that care about my
feelings threw me a suprise bonfire for my 18th birthday at Sonja’s house. That
was nice of them. Let’s see…It was Me, David Couch, David Freeman, Corey
Maltby, Brandon Maltby, Sonja Price, Jesse Price, Debra Price, Aron Brook, Cody
his cousin, and Sonja’s mom. It was fun, I definitely appreciated it. But then
as I was putting the bonfire out it was 10:00 and everyone was getting ready to
leave, because we had church the next morning, Jennifer calls. DUN DUN DUN,
definitily not a shocker…She definitily times it right. That night she called
mine, David Couch’s, David Freeman’s, Sonja Price’s, and MY HOUSE PHONE 20
times..because I wasn’t answering my cell phone, so she was pestering everyone
else. The only fun I can have is to ignore her calls, and in that I STILL CAN’T
HAVE FUN, because she’s pestering out parents at our house. SHE DAMN PSYCHO! Her
mama said that She’s Psycho and that she needs to be put into an
insanisylum(spelling) so she could have a psychiatrist to vent on 24/7. I find
it humerous, but it’s very TRUE!

Sunday, My First day as an

I wake up and get ready and go to church, first step headed in
the right direction in my adulthood. Finish church, and Jennifer and Caitlyn and
their mom wasnt there, so I figured YAY! I don’t have to go over to their house
for birthday lunch. Little to know, their dad was there, and he asks am I still
coming over because Mrs. Pam had lunch cooked. DANG IT, no way to escape. So I
was like “yes, I’ll be over there in a lil while, I have to run home first!” So
I head over to their house, and my heart sinks to my gut as soon as I pull into
their neighborhood. I don’t know why, but it doesn’t feel the same anymore. I
get in there, and I’m sitting on the couch, and Jennifer brings me my present
from her, and then Mrs. Pam walks in the door, and eventually brings me their
gift. I get up and we go eat, and The only talking that has been done is between
Caitlyn, Mr. Mike, and Mrs. Pam and I, not Jennifer. After we got done eating,
and finished eating the cake they make me open my presents, they didn’t have to
get me anything. So the whole time I was there, I got 5 words out of Jennifer,
that was it. So I head out and come on home, and mom’s like what’s wrong. I’m
like the whole time I was at Jennifer’s house she said 5 words. Mom’s like why,
so I finally told her some of the stuff that’s been going on, and she’s like NOW
you, and I’m sorry for taking everying out on you. So I finally felt a thousand
times better, because I talked to my mom about the stuff, and I think everything
is back to normal with her. I gave her the letter that I posted in a previous
post on here on Saturday before I opened my presents…It made her cry
:'(…Anyways, I left home and went fishin’ over at Sonja’s, with the same gang
from Saturday night’s bonfire. I had loads of fun, I could definitily get used
to that. It got dark so we quit fishin’ went up to the house, and eventually
started backyard wrestlin’. That was definitily fun. Especially while wrestlin’
with David Couch. But anyways, we finished that and went inside to meet Sonja’s
daddy. He was nice, but very quiet. Oh well, then we left and went outside, it
was about 8 ‘o clock and we was saying our goodbye’s and like David Couch comes
over there and has me locked where I couldn’t move my arms and Corey Maltby had
ahold of my feet, so yeah I couldn’t move. So David Freeman takes a Gatorade
bottle (32 oz. by the way) and starts hitting my butt, giving me birthday licks.
Oh man, my butt was already sore on the right side from where My Uncle Darryl
gave them to me on Saturday, and I was already sitting on the left butt cheek
that whole day, and then they do that and now im sorta scrunched down in my


Sick as a dog, missed school.


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