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I previously posted in an entry:

If you don’t start
recognizing good sometimes, and always the bad, You’ll find yourself doing bad,
and never good.

In Economics on Friday I found myself to be
proven right. That’s a first, I know. I was really shocked, but I had to take
notes so I’ll post some on

It’s called Operant

The Reinforcement side to it: increases the probability
that behavior will be repeated.

Postive Reinforcement: example is a
reward, means something is added.
Negative Reinforcement: example is
something is removed that will have the tendancy to be repeated.

Punishment side to it: decreases the proability that behavior will be

Positive Punishment: Adds
Negative Punishment:


that said:

Reinforcing the things you do right has more of an effect than
punishing for the things you do wrong.

Punishment only leaves that
everlasting picture in a child’s mind that torments them for life. Believe it or
not, I forget the percentage, but most prisoners in the U.S. Prisons today were
always whooped for their wrong doings than ever being reinforced for the things
they did right. Most prisons in the U.S. now go by the Operant Conditioning
System to keep the Prisons fair and orderly.

I found it interesting
myself, whether you do or not is your own


Why is it that parents always find what Children do bad, and never
see what Children do right?

Mr. Humphrey, my Economics teacher, said in
class Friday that if he would have known about the Operant Conditioning when he
was still raising his kids, he would have done a lot of things different. He
said he hated whooping his kids left and right, but he noticed that it was
always for the same thing. It goes to show you that punishment doesn’t always


Why does parents always gripe about how Children get things
done, as long as they get it done?

I never understood that, as long
as it gets done, what does it matter? I mean either way you lose, you do it and
you get it done, you get yelled at about how you do it, you don’t do it and not
get it done, you get yelled at for not doing it. It’s a losing

I guess you can never do anything right when you’re just a failure, and you’re
failing yourself in life. I guess you could never satisfy your parents when
they’re ashamed of

Til’ next time…


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