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accepted Jesus Christ into my heart in January of 1998. I had just
turned nine in November. I felt it was right, and I still feel that way
till this day. God was pulling on my heartstrings, and I knew it was
something that I was ready to do. I was raised in church and I knew
right from wrong. I knew it was something that I wanted to do. After my
conversion, I knew it was the best decision I could ever make. My life
changed greatly, the experience was amazing, and the feeling inside me
was unbelievable. Having Jesus in my heart I can finally say that God
is great. He has been the greatest impact in my life, because without
Him I wouldn’t have triumphed through life’s trials and tribulations.
In II Timothy 1:8 it says, “Therefore do not be ashamed of the
testimony of our Lord, nor of me His prisoner, but share with me in the
sufferings for the gospel according to the power of God.”

family has always been devoted. We were once that were strong in our
faith. I at least thought so. Life was going well and the years passed.
The year was 2000, and I never would have thought that my parents would
have gotten a divorce. Twenty-three years of marriage and now a
divorce. That’s what got us out of church. The depression in our house
was unbearable. I couldn’t get myself or my mom out of bed to go to
church. Years went by and the further away from the church we found
ourselves. The divorce was final and that’s when I really lost myself.
I didn’t know who I was. I just went along with the flow of life never
trying to find it. Years went by and I kept getting pressured with
people asking me different questions. I couldn’t answer any of them,
like most of the other kids could. I found myself driving myself away
from my studies, I just didn’t care anymore.

were three questions I couldn’t answer; Who I was, where I wanted to go
in life, and who I wanted to become. After surviving a four-wheeler
accident, and taking two vacations this past summer, I started looking
at my life through a different perspective. Surviving the accident and
getting a second chance at life, I realized that God had a plan for me,
a plan that I wouldn’t want to experience without Him. Watching the
sunrises, the sunsets, and watching the space shuttle, Discovery,
launch from NASA while there on the beach made me realize how much I
have a chance at life. How much I can make of myself and how successful
I can be. I didn’t expect the vacations to change me or have any effect
on me whatsoever, but I’m glad they did.

on my vacation in Daytona, I experienced something that was so small,
and as some would say, meaningless. I thought it was very powerful. At
the hotel we were staying at there were a nest of birds and their
mother. I watched the babies grow throughout the week I was there.
Three babies, one mother. On that Wednesday, two of the birds ventured
off and learned how to fly. FOr the one bird that was left, it didn’t
come so easy, but it never gave up. Each day I watched it crash right
back onto the ground. Day after day it never lost hope. It was
determined it was going to learn how to fly, learn how to be successful
in life. Days turned to nights and before I knew it, it was getting
close to the end of my vacation. We had to leave out the next day. As I
sat on the balcony I watched the bird attempt another try. Another
attempt failed. That’s when I put my whole life into perspective. I
finally could answer the three questions I once wasn’t able to answer.
As the sun was setting on the beach that day. I watched the bird take
the last attempt at flying. It lifted up, and it flew! The bird is what
told me to never lose hope, to dream big, because the reward is going
to be wonderful. God was there with the bird and me that day. He has
always been there before that day, and He will always be there for me
in the future. I feel that experiencing that with Him marked a new day.
A new day, a new person is what it seems. Our relationship grew and it
has grown even stronger since then.

new day, a new person is what has stuck in my head since the vacation.
It’s a new day and you get another chance at life. It’s another chance
to beat the odds against you. Since the summer I found my niche. If you
were to ask me my outlooks on life right now I could answer them. If
you would have asked me that question a year ago I wouldn’t have known
where to begin. I pour my heart and soul into everything I do and I
hope that in the end it will pay off. Being passionate has been one of
the many gifts I have received from God. I’m a changed person, and for
the better.

after day my faith in God gets stronger. I turn to him more now than I
ever have. I keep getting the question, “have you been baptized?” No, I
haven’t been baptized. I was supposed to get baptized when I was ten. I
had everything planned out, and my grandmother was supposed to be
there. She ended up having a stroke and was bed-ridden for nineteen
months at my house. The bitterness I had only drove me away. She
eventually died, and I just haven’t found the courage to do it. I now
feel that the time is right and I should be getting baptized in a few

I stand today with God is where I have always wanted to be. I am a firm
believer and I thank Him everyday for all that he has given me. I have
found an everlasting home at my current church, and making the
transition felt so right. God has blessed my life in so many ways and I
am forever grateful. I am anticipating the day that I get baptized, the
day that will forever seal the small gap between God and me. I can’t
wait to see the future path that He has laid out for me and the life
that He will have me lead. I Timothy 4:12 says, “Let no one despise
your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in
love, in spirit, in faith, in purity.” I am His sheep, and His sheep
forever I will be.



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