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Can you believe it? Finally something I’ve wanted for so long has finally went
right. I’m so happy. I’m now a volunteer and I can’t wait to get my probationary
assignment and for the induction ceremony to get here. 🙂 Ah, I’m like jumping
up and down for joy inside, yall just don’t know. Today I had the physical part
of my application to do. I had to be there at 9 a.m. this morning. Sonja and I
got there about 8 minutes early. The paperwork I had to fill out took forever,
then I waited for them to call me back there.

Little did I know, it was going to
be a three hour physical. They started off by taking my blood pressure and then
taking my blood. Being cursed like I am with rolling veins, or whatever its
called, they started with the right arm first, just like everyone else does. I
told them, good luck trying to hit that vein, no one can ever get it. The phlebotomist was like “oh I’ll get it.” So I was like ok, but like i said
“Goodluck!” So she pokes me and I’m sitting there and I’m like you didn’t hit it,
I didn’t feel it pop, go on and dig around. She’s goes “I don’t want to have to
do that, and I said “it’s ok, I’m used to it.” So she digs around and after
about 5 minutes of digging around she hits the vein, i felt it pop. Well the
blood started filling up the tube but it went so slow it was already clotting,
they had to close off the line. So they pull out the needle and my blood
squirted on the ladies scrubs, I found it comical, it got on the tray as well.
They got it to stop bleeding and in between nurses where they were moving the
needle around under my skin, it had already started bruising. They get another
lady in there to come see if she could find a vein for the line. So see puts the
rubber band thingy on my left arm and starts feeling around for a vein, she
finds one in the crease of my arm and then she starts looking at the ones in my
wrist and I’m like “Yippee! *sarcasm*” But she finally started feeling back on
the crease of my arm. So she puts her gloves on and gets the needle and line
ready and all that great stuff and what do ya know, the vein moved on her again.
so she starts popping her gloves off and throwing them across the room, and I’m
like “that’s unsanitary.” She feels for it again, and by this time I’m looking at
Sonja and her face was just priceless because one, she doesn’t like needles, and
two she looked like she was about to cry for me. The woman found the vein and
got the needle in it, I felt it pop and I was like “YES!” So the blood started
flowing and she filled up the tubes to send off to the labs. I told her
“Congratulations!” And she goes I have a tiny vein that’s very small and moves
very fast in my arm, and I was like “Congrats!” I guess that’s what happens when
you’re fat, the nurses and stuff can’t find your veins, and I’m already cursed
because Mama and Grandma had running veins as well.

After that came the hearing
test, The woman said I had perfect hearing, I was proud of that. So if anyone
says I’m deaf, I don’t want to hear it. After that I did the vision test,
nothing spectacular there, it was a basic vision test. After that I did the piss
test. My urine is 99.4 degrees, and I had to force myself to go, so they only
got like a little dribble compared to my normal niagra falls waterfall. They
brought my pee back into the room where they did the drug test right there on
the spot, I’m drug free, yay! And then they had to send the rest of it off to do
an urinalysis. After that I had to do the treadmill part of the test, which
involved running in intervals of 5 minutes and then stop and increase the
incline and the speed, then start again. In between while they adjusted it I
only got like 15 seconds to take a breather, not enough to do me justice. I had
to run at 4 mph for 15 minutes at an incline of 4 *whatever that is*. After that
I did the step test to a metronome for 3 minutes straight. Then they did this
breathe test to measure the capacity of my lungs. I passed 2 out of 3 of those.
I don’t understand that thing, it’s messed up and the woman didn’t even know how
to work the dang thing. Next they had to do an EKG, I’m used to those, I get
those taken every time I go to the cardiologist. I made Sonja step out the room,
I didn’t want to have to flash her, but I did have to strip from the waist up in
front of a complete stranger. Oh well, the woman said I was tan, so it’s all

I got dressed and Sonja came back into the room. Then they took my blood
pressure for the second time. I had excellent blood pressure. After that they
came in the room and said that I will live to volunteer another day. That I’m a
very healthy young adult and that they’ll mail my blood work to my house, I was
like the results right, and they said yeah. I was like “yuck” but anyways. It
was early in the morning. So we got out of there and it was almost 1 ‘o clock. I
came back home, and messed around with Sonja on the computer for a little while,
and when she left I laid down to take a nap and slept until 11 p.m. I woke up
and went and ate dinner and walked by mama’s room and I was like “HOLY CRAP”
what did you do. She was rearranging it and stuff, and told me that I need to
clear all this crap of the table that was in my room and get it ready because
her desk was coming in here and the table that was in here was going in there,
and also had to move the old dresser that was in here into there and put the
dresser in her room that had all my clothes in it in here, and I’m like great.
So Here I am after my crazy mother made me play interior designer in the wee
hours of the morning. I just thought I’d give you an update of my day, and share
with yall my excitement.

I’ll write more later.


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