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Monthly Archives: June 2008

So I was reading my previous post, “Shocked,” and read that it said I had 8 months until I was getting married and what plans I had left to affix to the debt I would undertake myself in planning a wedding to someone who didn’t deserve me at my worst, nor at my best. It’s amazing how time flies and how fastwe make our trip around the sun. Two days before the wedding date and I’m so glad to be able to sit here and say that I’m not getting married. This is beyond the wisest of all decisions made yet in my short 20 (almost 21) years on this gracious earth. Time works out the finest details about who you are, what you want in life, and who in this lifetime matters most to you. I figured this would be a good notary point of reflection and also a good place to pick back up with blogging.

Life’s great once you weed out all of the bad seeds. If you have too many
weeds in a garden it strangles everything else. Same thing with life. Upon weeding out the bad seeds I’ve found myself able to love again, laugh again, and smile all the time. I’m in college pursuing a degree to better myself and provide a future and foundation for where ever God takes me. I have belief in more things than I ever had before; Especially myself. Self-esteem is something I’ve never had but I find myself gaining it little by little. With massive dedication and love along the way, I find myself bound for great things. I know
it sounds like something out of a children’s book about the places you’ll go; but I feel as if I’m on top of the world at times. Substance doesn’t filter my highs; life does.

I’m glad where my life ended up, and yes, even through the hardship life handed me in 2007. I’ve learned a lot and grown even more. Trials and tribulations build the path in order for us to be able to look back and reflect
on. Without a path; you have no story. There’s a story in each of us; in lives within your soul. Will you let it be heard?


June Jam 2008
Diana & Me @ June Jam 2008

After 100° degree weather and a ton of sweat later, June Jam 2008 turned out to be a well anticipated concert and a packed-out event. Three local bands, and one national artist (Diana DeGarmo, headlining the event) came out and entertained hundreds of fans for good fun, great friends, and good eats. All proceeds went to two local charities, Count Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) and Greater Purpose, founded by Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle.

The Dream Team represented Diana well, she even gave a huge shout-out to us onstage and drew everyone’s attention our way. Random people came up to take our picture, after all we were sitting as close as possible. The only thing that separated us from the stage was a concrete walkway and four steps. Dale, Tracy, Karen, Kyle, Jen, Tiffany, Abby, and myself were all there. Peggie Hoskins & The Vertigo band was the first to perform, following by the Allen Nivens band at sunset. Next up Diana — yay!! What we’ve roasted all day for :). She came out wearing boots, holy jeans, and a tank-top (right up my alley, lol). She looked great as usual, completely relaxed. Aside from singing she could have a dominate career in stand up comedy. She sang “Til You Want Me,” “Dreams,” “Right Back Where We Ended,” Bad Boyfriend song, and “Just to say thank you,” which was beautifully written inspired by her USO tour she did in 2005.

Not too much moving around on stage due to her massive intake of barbecue, she said it was delicious but felt it was sitting right in her ribs and something along the lines of “I just feel like I want to unbutton the top of my pants I’m so full.” She stayed well hydrated the whole time with water breaks between each song. Between all the comedy, the shout outs, and the singing she managed to get a couple up and dancing in front of everyone, which was kind of sweet in its own “romanticized” way if you’re into that sort of thing. She thanked her fans indefinitely and also said that no matter what the election brings and who you’re voting for just be sure to thank the troops because it’s them who bring you freedom and that allows us to share nights like tonight. She was sad her band wasn’t able to make the trip with her but had some rough tracks that were put together really fast for the event. She was glad to get applause after performing the new songs (of course the DreamTeam were the loudest). She gave a shout out to Casey Cagle as he had mentioned her in his speech earlier on that day. She wrapped it up and headed up to the raffle ticket table to sign autographs and pictures.

We packed up our stuff and killed some time putting them in the car and letting the other strangers (lol) mingle with down-to-earth Diana. We eventually made it back and into the line. When we made it up there she was happy to see us. Very personable just like Dale said. Through pictures and autographs, she managed to get a few conversations in with everybody which was definitely fun. She signed my shirt, told me to read it later. Admist all of our glory and happiness we departed until we looked back when we heard all the laughter. Diana was signing a bald guys head. Now you know I had to get a picture of that. So sure enough — here it is.

Diana Signing a Bald Guy\'s head

So from getting to see Diana through sound check and thirty second clips and anxiously awaiting the full set it was overall a good day (aside from the heat, after all it is HOTlanta for a reason). Definitely a much needed weekend for myself, and it was awesome getting to see everyone again. I can’t believe its been that long (2005). Keep checking back for more stuff. Dale has video footage, Abby does, and plenty of us have pictures.