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Well the first week of classes are off to a great start. Monday I had Music Apps — the teacher is hilariouis. More dorky hilarious than anything else. You should hear her techno-beat for music played in a gym 🙂 Great personalities among the class, we all like to laugh so that makes the time go by faster, which is good. 5 hours in a Music Apps class can be boring to me. I feel like I’m relearning everything I already know, which can be monotonous. I’m the only one in there with a musical background, which is ok. Lot’s of music history knowledge when it comes to artists and things in there, which makes for insightful discussion. The class will hopefully be a breeze; the way she stated it, we can turn in our final paper with our names on it and still pass. Ok by my book, but mine will be the whole assignment length. I’m thinking about doing the Hip-Hop genre (Rap – Lies = Hip Hop).

College Seminar and Experience (2 different classes) were Wednesday. Nothing really much to say about those other than they’re practically the same class, but are offered seperately. The two books are almost identical in stories. We have to read those and do the unit assignments basically and keep portfolios for each. Thankfully she said that since it is the same class we don’t need to stay 2.5 hours extra to read the same materials twice. So that was an added plus. The Experience class is all semester long but starting in October it goes through email correspondence only, which is fine by me. That means that the second session classes I’ll only have to travel two nights instead of three. Gas can be a killer. We have a pretty good group of folks in that class as well. I actually know one of the others, Mrs. Mary. I went to school with some of her kids as did my brother, Chris. She’s a good lady. We talked after class, told me to tell Mama hello for her. Another person in there is also in my Music App class, so that’s pretty cool. Come to know, she’ll also be in my College Writing class as well as Intro. to Old testament. Her and I’ll be pushin’ through the whole semester together, which makes it worthwhile to know you have someone else in the same shoes. The teacher isn’t really anything special; Female. I know her husband. He used to teach at both EC and now CEC.
Overall, the classes went well — better than any of the others I’ve had. We’ll see how next week goes.

Check back.

’til next time —


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