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As a reply to my previous post titled “First Week of Classes,” things have abruptly changed. Tution really was too much, topping out at over $15,000. Even with loans from the government (subsidized & unsubsidized) to pay back after I graduated college, I was still looking to fork out over $4,000 dollars out of pocket each semester. In my opinion, that’s just too much for one to have to pay to get a quality education. When I was at West Central Technical College tuition was only $450 dollars, full-time, and I was paid $1,200 each quarter.

So Monday, yes Labor Day, I withdrew from Brewton-Parker and yesterday I made a trip to take all of my books back that needed to be returned. As of right now everything has been credited back to me. I withdrew in time to get 100% tuition back, so in turn it will not mess up my financial aid. As of right now, the main campus located out in Mt. Vernon, Ga. has everything credited to my account except for the other half of the external programs fee. If they don’t have it fixed by tomorrow morning I will have to make a phone call to them. The only great thing about the program itself, or rather I say school, was the convenience. I was on track to get my Bachelor’s Degree in 3 years with all classes offered at night. Everything else was a drawback; tuition, limited degree majors, etc.

Overall, it’s been for the best. I’m currently enrolled back at West Central Tech full-time to start in October. I have Psychology, Intro. to Health care, and CIS. Come Winter quarter I’ll have all of my core classes out of the way in order to start in the Surgical Technology program. I can’t wait. Only setback to that is getting my work to allow me to work nights in order to do the classes in the day. That’s another matter that we’ll tackle at a later date.

— ‘Til next time


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