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Monthly Archives: June 2009

I can’t tell you how bad it hurts to only be a convenience in certain people’s lives. It sometimes kills your inner-being just knowing how much you long or yearn for their company even though I know that it can never be the same. Each time I only allow myself to be let down even more when I do see or hear from them. But then my gut sinks when I realize that all I ever was-was just a convenience at the time. How unfair is that? Whatever happened to humans being treated with dignity and grace? This definitely isn’t what I have in mind when I think of those two words. How much can one actually take from a specific person before they succumb to their mortal ways? God I hope I never treat anyone like that. I could never imagine, and Lord if I have, I apologize in every way.

“Every convenience brings it’s own inconveniences along with it.” –Proverb

I guess what I’m trying to say is the only thing I’ve ever been great at is being this persons convenience but mostly their biggest inconvenience. How’s that for a self-esteem booster? Sucks.

That’s all I have and I’m afraid that’s all it’ll ever be.

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