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Matt and I were talking about teachers throughout our education and how some have affected in ways that will be with us always, and the others that only provide negative experiences in the eyes of what once used to be our youth. From Math teachers to Professors, it’s amazing how one teacher that you may have had for only a semester or maybe even a whole year made all the troubling times through school worth the walk. And what a walk it was; starting with the first time I cried at the doors of kindergarten class when mom dropped me off to the very last walk of high school [as mama cried] across Garland Shoemake Stadium at East Coweta.

The one teacher that enriched my life with so much light during class and knowledge of not just art itself but life in general was there cheering me on from the faculty seats on that graduation field. Just weeks before graduation for an “assignment” for our Computer Apps class I had written her a paper on my experience and time in her class.  I really didn’t expect it to turn out the way it did, but I was amazed with it come the finish. I never expected for myself to give it to her, but I did. In fact, I’m glad that I did. I shared a piece of reflection through the eyes of a truly touched student, a student that might not of graduated without the inspiration of the remarkable teacher that cares deeply and passionately about her work, and her art. I truly owe a debt of gratitude and if that paper was the only shot at that, then I feel as if I’ve filled that void.

Wow it’s really amazing to look back with people at old memories and realize how much influence and inspiration you allowed yourself to draw from various people. Taking a walk down memory lane with Matt really has made me humble today. Speaking of humble, I think that each one of us should be humble every day of life because it makes you excited and thrilled for everything presented before you, no matter the outcome later on.

Humbled is allowing yourself to be open-minded in a world of closemindedness. Allowing yourself freedom to accept happiness and not form judgement to something just because someone tells us to or sways us to believe so. Humbling experiences keeps people grounded and provides the roots to everyones “wings.”  I think that’s what everyone in this world needs, and more often than a rare oddity. Allow humbleness to wash through your veins; you’ll be amazed at what you’ll allow yourself to find.


“You Shall Have Deliverance”

I sit here listing to Deliverance by Bubba Sparxx, I cant help but to
rewind three-hundred and sixty-one days ago to the grass-pit parking
lot out in front of our school. Ill give you a brief history of what
the grass-pit parking lot is. Its the front lawn at our high school in
Sharpsburg. You see, there werent enough parking spots per student so
they opened the opportunity to us of parking in the grass. This started
our senior year, and it has also been a legacy lost as the class of
two-thousand and six filed out of the stadium after graduating on May
twenty-seventh of two-thousand and six.

was only a select group of people, or I should actually say friends,
that parked out on the front lawn. There werent many others besides the
people who claimed their titles as the rednecks. Ironic right? You see,
we were labeled as rednecks for the sole reason because we wore Dixie
shirts, cowboy boots, and belt buckles. Many or most of the group had
trucks ranging from Fords all the way down to Dodges. The Irony may
intrigue you, but I promise it isnt what it seems.

high school youre no one if you dont have a label you fit in with. I,
for one, had many different labels; I fit in with just about everyone
and had friends from every aspect and groups from that school. Most
would call me popular, but I am not a conformist, therefore I won’t
conform my name to that word; its that simple. I am me; there really is
no word for it.

back to the subject. The grass-pit parking lot became the meeting
place, the realm, the base, the club, the after-school hang out, etc.
Whatever you prefer, it was more than that. It was like home for us. It
was the one place where we knew that everyone was friends and nothing
came between us basically. All was fair, open, and honest. It was the
place where we showed up for school early, and stayed late after. For
people that absolutely despise school like me, that was kind of a big
deal. It was the meeting place and parking lot for all of us at the
popular Friday night football games. Shoot, it was a place where we
even went to meet on a weekend when we had nothing better to do. It was
ours, it was home.

of much more, the things we would do there were crazy. Friends fell in
and out of love, had their first experience of smokeless tobacco, and
were so wired on mountain dew and energy drinks they had the jitters.
They left keys in their cars knowing people would get in them and drive
them to far away places on the campus to find it not where they left
it. We had car problems, teacher problems, and life problems. We
spilled our guts out to one another on those grounds, heck we even left
Friday night football games early to go out there, crank up the music,
line dance, have spin-out contest in vehicles, it was a high, something
you dont have to use to change your mental state of mind. We practiced
softball, backyard wrestling, and competed in spitting contests. The
highlight of that place was when it rained; those were the most
anticipated days in the history of that place. Mudding, one word,
several pronunciations, one meaning. Its what fueled our creativity,
fulfilled our boredom, and got us into the most trouble, well besides
Colonel Raines and the history with him.

cold winters wouldnt even keep us away from this place. Bundled up in
beanies, sweatshirts, jeans, boots, and Carhartt jackets we would still
be out there like normal. After the mudding incidents they forbade us
to park on the grass anymore, and it totally crushed the reason we were
at school in the first place. Second semester rolled around and things
werent the same, we literally had to fight for parking spaced just to
hang out, thats how large the student body of our school was. If you
showed up past 7:30 you basically werent getting a parking spot.
Friends vanished, we all basically fell apart. Its all the bittersweet
ending we all have come to know and accept as our senior year came to a
screeching halt when we heard our names called out on that football
field that morning.

we sat there on that hot, humid morning in late May we all would
occasionally glance up at the section we called our own at the Friday
night football games; The Camo and Carhartt section. Forever will the
legacy of the gang of two-thousand and six live on, we will never be
forgotten. Even though there is now a ninth-grade building sitting on
top of all these memories that helped us become the people we are now,
they will forever live on in our hearts. These memories will be some of
the stories that we will be one day telling our kids about.

hard now that were already to August and we watch everyone move away
and move on. I never thought we would have made it to this point, this
fast. It takes your breath away, its exhilarating. Although I look to
my future and see so many new experiences and new chances to make
things right and do all these things different, its even harder leaving
behind what we all know and have grown accustomed to. I guess I never
thought I would get to the point where I would be ok with it, I am
really not sure If Im actually telling the truth now. Through
tear-filled eyes I guess its time to bid everyone a farewell and proper
goodbye because I know wherever life takes us were all going to
succeed. I hope you all strive to do well wherever life leads you and I
hope that one day youll look back on your memories and your time spent
here and think of good times and how theyve made you into who you are.

To the gang of 06:

Heres to us and the turning of a new leaf.

It’s true what they say about everyone acting weird the last two weeks before

I hate change!

1 week until I graduate, kinda

Sunday: Graduate Recognition at church, Luncheon for
Seniors provided by the church, the Bacclaurette for the school.

Review for Finals, Final in 3rd block

Tuesday: Exams in 1st block and
cookout in 3rd block.

Wednesday: Exams in 2nd and 4th block,

Thursday: Graduation practice at 9:00 a.m.; Family starts coming
in from out of town.

Friday: Graduation practice at 9:00 a.m.; Decorate
for Party and get stuff set up.

Saturday: GRADUATION DAY; Seated in the
gym for Senior breakfast at 7:00 a.m., Graduation starts at 9:00 a.m. (march
down to the football stadium); Party starts at 2:00 p.m.

Sunday: Church

So a couple of days ago I received a fortune cookie that said “Time is of the
essence; Make the best of it while you can.” At first I was like “Oh, ok…” and
just put it behind me. On Friday we seniors received our Caps, Gowns, Stoles,
and Tassels and we also took our group photos. It was an emotional day, but a
good one as well. It was so weird putting on the gown and zipping it up for the
first time. Literally we were all standing there as a group and putting on the
gowns, and I remember all of us just stopping as we were zipping it up and
thinking “This is almost it, we’re putting on our caps and gowns.” I was in just
utter disbelief. I was floating on air while still grounded by my inner shock.
(If that makes any sense whatsoever.)

Then Saturday I made all of my
Graduation Invitations and Annoucements, Party Invitations and Directions, and
the Name Cards that go with it. Sunday we stuffed all the envelopes and I had to
lick them all shut. And Today we got them all mailed out in the mail. Once
again, I NEVER would have THOUGHT that it would be ME that was making out MY
GRADUATION INVITATIONS!! MINE, its just “….” speechless.

Today we were
talking and were like 26 more days until we graduate, and I’m like 26 more days
until I leave behind the same exact routine that I’ve slowly grown accustomed
to. 26 more days until I’m never going back to attend a class at ECHS again. 26
more days until it’s ME walking across that football field and not someone else
that gave me the only reason to attend Graduation in the first place. I ACTUALLY
much a toll graduation has taken on me.

We were in the meeting on Friday
where they issued us our caps and gowns and they told us that we are the largest
class in the history of East Coweta to graduate. I’m thinkin’ “oh great, I’m
like 7th from last to be called.” Then I’m thinkin’ “thats so cool.”

praying for good weather that day as well, because if my graduation gets rained
on then we move into the new gym and I’ll only get 3 to 4 rain tickets. With
that said, I’ll only get to allow 3 or 4 of my family members watch me graduate,
which isn’t fair.

I’ve been highly emotional lately due to several
reasons. There’s a lot going on that most likely no one will or could ever
understand. I want nothing more than for my grandmother to be at my graduation.
That’s something that I always thought she would get to see. Of course she’ll be
there watching from above, and watching over me so I don’t trip and fall flat on
my face as I walk to receive my diploma, but I want her there sitting with my
family, cheering me on. I want to be able to hug her neck afterwards and see the
way she looks at me afterwards. I WANT HER HERE. Not one of my grandparents will
see me graduate, not one. The only thing I’ve ever asked for is for her to see
my get baptized and watch me walk across that football field. She missed my
baptism on April 23rd, and now I wont have her there at graduation. I know when
I wake up that morning, or start getting ready because I most likely wont sleep,
that she’ll be walking beside me, holding my hand, and she’ll be the one holding
me up, helping me stand strong because I wont be strong enough to do it by
myself. I love her, miss her, and want her to know how much I love her and how
things would be different if she were here. I just want her to know that because
I never got to say good-bye.

I think I’m going to go to bed, I have a
long day ahead of me.
I’ll write more later whenever I get another chance

I remember not long ago graduating from both my 5th grade
graduation, and my 8th grade graduation. It bumfuzzles me that in a
mere 9 months I’ll be graduating from HIGH SCHOOL. Talk about how time

So here’s to all of us that’s graduating from East Coweta in the class of 2006.

Let’s take these last 5 days of summer, and just live them up,
because this may be the last summer we have before we face “Real Life.”

Dancin’ With Dreams

by Phil Vassar

album: Shaken Not Stirred (2004)

We were eighteen and nineteen And paired off on Saturday nights Down in the basement, big killer stereo Dimmer switch on the lights Jane was a dancer, Paul was a drummer Christine was a doctor to be Life stretched out before us like one endless summer And that brings us to me I was the gypsy We sang as we stood at the gate We were ready to take the world on Four young soldiers of fate Couldn’t wait to go right every wrong Wearing our passion, our hopes Out t-shirts and jeans Dancin with dreams Ten years ago May we all drank to the future And all went out separate ways I packed up to go with my clothes and piano And music and something to say I hear Paul owns a drum shop Jane teaches ballet And Christine’s an ob-gyn I’m writing songs that I sing in a cafe And sometimes I write about them I miss my friends We sang as we stood at the gate We were ready to take the world on Four young soldiers of fate Couldn’t wait to go right every wrong Wearing our passion, our hopes Out t-shirts and jeans Dancin with dreams Before reality threw up the roadblocks And nothin was out of our reach Time flowed smooth as a waltz, so it seemed We were dancin with dreams We sang as we stood at the gate We were ready to take the world on Four young soldiers of fate Couldn’t wait to go right every wrong Wearing our passion, our hopes Out t-shirts and jeans Dancin with dreams