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Category Archives: Relationships

I let my guard down today
Started thinking how things should be, (could be, outta be)
How did we ever let it get this way?

Damn the history…
This isn’t how we should’ve left things.

September sixteen, moon shining down
Caroline June, healthy and 7 pounds
I can’t believe she’s already arrived
I keep finding myself feeling ultimately deprived.

8 years we had, always so close
Just withered away and
to each other a ghost.

I couldn’t help but to think of our future.

“Wow, your baby girl is now 6 years old,
You even have a son, and 1 more to go!”
“It was good seeing you,” I last said.
As you wheeled your things away just nodding your head.

This isn’t what 8 years deserves.
How did we let it come to these terms?

Damn the history…
Damn the pain…
I walked away crying all over again.

I let my guard down today.