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Tag Archives: Good Times

Today started off Great, I couldn’t ask for anything better. I met down at
the post office at 7:10 this morning to pick up Caitlyn so her and I could go
eat breakfast before school at the Waffle House. It was really good, and her and
I kept on getting weird looks, because we were laughing. I enjoyed myself 100%.
Her and I deemed that every Friday that we’re going to eat breakfast at Waffle
House before school. Well we got to school like 2 seconds before the bell rang.
(it sort of reminds me of Saved By the Bell) Well Spanish was fun, as usual, but
I always look forward to Visual Arts, it’s so freakin’ hilarious in there.
Anyways, mom had to come check me out early so I could follow her to my
Cardiologist, because I had my 3 month check-up today. Everything’s fine, but he
was a little disappointed, because I didn’t lose any weight over the summer. Oh
well, I’m just a happy fat kid. He wants me to lose 15 lbs. by Thanksgiving (3
months). He’s going to be me 2 dollars a pound for each pound I lose, just like
he’s been doing. He wants me to get down to 140 lbs. by the time spring rolls
around, and if I do, he’s going to buy me a Prom Dress. We’ll see if I want that
Prom Dress that bad. So as of right now, I have 37.5, or 38 lbs. to lose. You do
the math…

After the Cardiologist, Ma and me went and ate at Arby’s right up the street
from the CEC. In order for me to be counted for my 3rd block class I can’t be
late no more than 45 minutes into it, or it’s considered an absence. I got there
at 1:08 p.m. I didn’t have to be there till 1:15. Oh well, but I got to third
block, and just sat there listening to music, and browsing the internet, because
the Networking Plus software hasn’t come in yet. YAY! In 4th block we played
Aquire. It’s has significant meaning to Economics, and the rules takes a while
to grasp, but we play it every Friday, so it’s getting to where the game flows.

After the bell rang at the CEC at 3:10, I stopped by my cousin’s house that’s
on the way back to ECHS. I didn’t stay long before I left. I left from there,
and went two seconds up the road, and I was at the Highschool. I had to go back
by there, because I left my phone with MAMA ‘VERNE, and so I had to go get it,
and turn in my doctor’s excuse for checking out. Well, me and Caitlyn on the way
back to school from Waffle House this morning planned to move Mama ‘Verne’s car
from where she had parked it today, but the only thing standing between me and
doing that was THE KEYS. I was like Caitlyn go ask your Mom for her keys so I
can do what we had planned. She gets them and I go move her car to where she
couldn’t see it, and We walk back into her office, and I toss them to her, and
tell her Me and Caitlyn’ll be in my car up on the hill listening to music. She
goes, “OK!”

She finishes up what she had to do, and gets her stuff, and comes out the
front entrance doors of the school. She walks down the sidewalk where she
thought her car was still parked. Well she starts looking around like a lost
puppy, and the look on her face was PRICELESS!!! Needless to say, I had my
digital camera on in my car, and I snapped a picture of it.

She just called me 5 minutes ago…

Me: Hello?

Me: *laughing*
Mama: I told Mike
(daddy, her husband) that you even took a picture of me searching for my car,
and he told me to call you and tell you that he bows down to that.
Me: I was
like well tell Daddy I said Thank Ya.
Mama: I mean he’s literally dying from
laughing so hard over here.
Me: OH Man..*laughing hysterically*
Me: You
know what’s even greater??
Mama: What’s that??
Me: Me and Caitlyn planned
it out coming back to EC from eating breakfast this morning…
*laughing* OMG, you did?
Me: YEP!
Caitlyn: *in the background* I DONT
Mama: Oh now she’s pleading the fifth!
Caitlyn: I
Me: Now see, you know if you didn’t have me in your life, you wouldn’t
have half the excitement that you do now.
Mama: That’s true
Me: See, I
only have innocent fun…
Mama: Yeah, you’re right…
Me: Yup! I was like
I’m gonna put that down in my Senior Scrapbook..
Mama: You do that!
Me: I
Mama: You’re such a bad child
Me: I am not!
Mama: I know that’s
not true, she goes you know I love you..
Me: Yeah, Yeah…
Mama: Well, I’m
going to eat dinner.
Me: Tell Daddy to try and stop laughing so he can
Mama: Ok, bye bye..
Me: Bye

I tell you what, that was probably the best phone call of my life from Mama..
I LAUGHED SO HARD! Ma goes, what’s going on. I’m like…NOTHING!

And now I’m sitting here at home, all bored and making a screensaver to match
my background…